“New app helps blind riders navigate the MBTA” Boston Globe Article Review

The Boston Globe published Nicole Dungca’s article about a new app that assists blind people in identifying bus stops on the MBTA lines on Sept. 25, 2016. The article was published in the Metro section, appropriate since it really only concerns Boston citizens.

I’m having a hard time figuring out who this article was written for. My problem with it is just how niche its audience is. It’s vaguely interesting to see that the MBTA is working to make it easier for blind people to navigate the city, but this is also right on the heels of the announcement of the partnership between the city and ride-sharing apps like Uber to subsidize transportation for that same demographic, which I think is a much bigger deal.

The article also only had two quotes. They were both from relevant sources, so that was good, but getting an MBTA representative or a blind person who wasn’t involved in the apps development would’ve been good. Without more quotes, a fair portion of the article ended up talking about things that weren’t the app. The author included links to other articles about MBTA programs, which are relevant, but seemed more of a way to fill space and elongate the article then to actually further the article’s message.

Essentially, this article could’ve been summed up in a much more concise way, and I don’t believe it warranted such a long exposition.

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