“US accuses Russia, Syria of war crimes; France seeks UN vote” Article Review

The review article this week was written by Bradley Klapper for the Boston Globe and focuses on demands by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and other government leaders to investigate Russia and Syria for war crimes.

The story’s lead, “The United States called Friday for a war crimes investigation of Russia and Syria” does a good job of giving the news first and giving action verbs with a definitive subject (no passive voice). However, I would argue that the placement of the time component could’ve been done better. Having “Friday” at the end of the sentence seems much more natural and less likely to cause confusion.

The rest of the article is fairly short and mostly summarizes what we already know about the events in Syria and Aleppo. This means that the real news was basically covered in the first few sentences and the rest of the story felt more like filler.or background information. This is made clear in that only John Kerry is quoted in the story, no other sources were used, the entire story probably came from just one press event and no other digging went into it.

The purpose of the article boils down to telling the reader that nothing has actually changed, which I find frustrating because the entire story couldn’t been told in two sentences, it didn’t really warrant the space it got. For that reason, I didn’t like this article.

When judged purely on writing style and clarity rather than content, I would argue that the article is decent, but nothing special. Everything is chopped up into neat little paragraphs without run on sentences or other distracting structural issues.

Article Link: US accuses Russia, Syria of war crimes; France seeks UN vote


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