“The Theatre District is Boston’s melting pot” Review Article

Here’s the link to the article!

This story was published by the Boston Globe on Oct. 15th, 2016 and was written by Jan Ransom. The article follows a more narrative structure then most news stories. It tells about the Theatre District in Boston and how it has changed. The real news of the story takes a while to actually get to, which is that violence still occurs in the area from time to time.

The article uses a lot of visual description to paint the scene and demonstrate how the Theatre District changes over the course of  a day. I wonder if the reporter sat at a cafe and people watched all day in order to gather the interesting tidbits they needed for the story.

Multiple varied sources are quoted that all have different opinions of the change that has happened in the area over the course of the past few decades, which adds more color and interest to the story. It also makes the article appear unbiased, not that it seemed like it had a particular agenda before, but including dissenting opinions lends even more credibility to the source’s nonpartisanship.

The story does not have a solid lead, but the nut graph is the 3rd paragraph in, when the author begins taking about the transitions that the area goes through throughout the day.

The article follows a semi-chronological structure, which makes sense for a narrative type story. It details the course of the day, but various historical facts information are interspersed throughout that provide background.

The Globe can’t seem to decide how to spell “theater” as the article uses “theatre” but the link uses the American spelling.

The story eventually takes about violence in the area even though it’s been cleaned up quite a bit since it acted as the city’s red lights district. The information it gives about violent acts in the recent past alongside what the author observed in one late night gives a very interesting depiction of the neighborhood.

This was a well written, interesting article that provided a novel reading experience for me. There were no glaring flaws that distracted and there was a great balance between quotes, detailed description, and background information, that all came together to form a fascinating narrative.


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