“Fairmount rail commuters tire of frequent cancellations” Article Review

Here’s the article!

This article published by The Boston Globe on Sat., October 22, was written by Nicole Dungca and focuses primarily on passenger frustrations resulting from train cancellations on the Boston commuter line.

The article is well written and interesting, but its main issue is that it lacks a strong opposing viewpoint. The majority of statements and quotes speak to the train cancellations and MBTA’s forgiveness of the train operator, Keolis’ debts, but only one or two statements from Keolis themselves.

The issue presented by the article is relevant to its audience. Boston residents often have to deal with frustrating situations when it comes to public transport and the MBTA. This means that while the story resonates with its readers, it might also be a tired subject at this point for some people.

The article’s structure is fairly typical, starting with a specific issue, the Fairmount train often being cancelled, and broadening to more general issues with Keolis and the MBTA.

When it comes to quotes and sources, the writer did a good job of getting a variety of thoughts and opinions about the negatives of Keolis and why they are not providing reliable train service. They talk to community members and organization officials who speak to why the train service is flawed. There is a large portion of the story that focuses primarily on Sharol Knox, a community member and her personal experience dealing with Keolis and the MBTA. The voices of the opposing side are less well represented. Keolis was represented by a statement from an email and a public statement, so neither was directly interviewed and the email wasn’t quoted directly.

The article’s timeliness is less relevant since this is almost a trend story, its another one of any number of stories that highlight the problems with Boston’s transportation system. Why this story was on the front page of the Sunday paper is beyond me, unless nothing else interesting happened recently.

All in all, the article is interesting, devoid of typos or grammatical errors, and well written stylistically, it doesn’t give a fair voice to each side of the story.


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