“Archdiocese gives $850,000 to fight marijuana bid” Article Review

Here’s a link to the article!

This piece, written by Jim O’Sullivan and posted on October 28th on the Boston Globe website,  does an excellent job of giving both sides of an issue in a very unbiased, fair way. This is probably the best example of bipartisanship I have seen in a topic as polarizing as the legalization of marijuana.

The author’s lead is interesting, it uses more vibrant language than one might typically see. Phrases like “last-minute effort” highlight the timeliness of the piece and serve to further draw the reader in.

When it comes to the proximity to the community, this piece is directly linked to Mass. politics, specifically a highly controversial proposition on the upcoming election. Any developments in that story could be considered newsworthy at this time, but this is particularly interesting due to the magnitude of its impact.

The church’s almost $1 million donation during the final hours of the election provide impact to the story and the inclusion of the archdioceses of Boston adds prominence. A powerful organization donated a huge sum of money to fight against the marijuana proposition, an event that the Globe’s readership will probably care about, one way or the other.

The author has quotes from both sides of the story, people who are against the legalization of marijuana (and consequently for the church giving money. Having quotes from both sides is important for journalistic integrity.

The story expands its scope in a typical upside-down pyramid structure. The author writes about previous archdiocese involvement in propositions and the success or failure of that involvement. He included other groups that are also donating to the anti-legalization cause.

This is fairly typical for a news story to start with a specific event, in this case the church donation, and once all the facts about that had been given, to expand the story to provide more context and background information that might be interesting and relevant to readers. This story does an excellent job in that.

The article is free of obvious typos or distracting grammatical errors, a necessity for a publication like the Boston Globe. Overall, the article is interesting, well-written, and informative, three key things that any piece should include.


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