Northeastern students on the election the day of

This election cycle has proven to be one of the most dramatic races imaginable. From email scandals to leaked “locker-room” banter, it seems like every week a new twist tips the balance from Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and back again. Northeastern students interviewed at the Curry Student Center Tuesday evening gave some of their thoughts about the election.

Marissa Watkins, a Northeastern student who voted by absentee ballot said she would be distraught if Trump were to win the presidency, but his opposition was not her top pick either. “I don’t know that Hilary would have been my first choice, but I’m excited to have a woman president.” Watkins said. Watkins added that what put her off about Trump was “his opinions and comments about women.”

The race was still tight as polling places started closing and the first results are just coming in. While some states like California and Massachusetts will almost assuredly remain Democrat, swing states like Ohio, Florida, and Iowa will help decide the election.

Up until just last week, polls showed Clinton with a solid double digit lead, but after the FBI announced a follow-up investigation of the Clinton e-mail scandals, that lead seemed to evaporate. Even though the FBI has since concluded that no criminal charges would be pressed, the damage was already reflected in the polls.

Armen Rissmiller, a Northeastern student and member of NUVotes,a student get-out-and-vote group, shared some of the same sentiments as Watkins. “I voted Clinton, but I think that both parties could have fielded much better candidates.”

Jaguar Ashtiani, a political science major at Northeastern, noted that many people are dissatisfied with both candidates. The results of the close election will be disappointing to many people. “No matter what happens today, a lot of people are going to be unhappy.”

Some students, like Kara Benerofe, a freshman at Northeastern at the NUVotes election night viewing party, are very confident that Clinton will win. “She’s a very strong and powerful woman. People will realize that more when she’s in office.”

Many people decided who to vote for only because they did not want to vote for the other candidate, and not because they support their nominee, according to statistics released by NBC News.

“It’s bad. I think it’s too much of a reality show, it’s not real politics.” Said Skylar Leblanc, a Northeastern student who missed her chance to register and was unable to vote in the election. “I would’ve voted for Clinton, but I wouldn’t have been happy about it, a lesser of two evils.”


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