“Boston officials prepare for today’s dialogue on race” Article Review

Here’s a link to the article!

This article highlights an important upcoming event in Boston. This is a classic type of news story and one of the first one’s that a new writer might report on. I think, as a new writer, it’s interesting to see how someone with a lot of experience in the field, like author Meghan E. Irons at the Boston Globe, would tackle a story like this.

Throughout the article, the author tells the basic structure of the event, what’s going to be discussed, who’s going to be there, when and why it’s happening, and other information vital to someone who might be interested in attending the event. This information is not, however, included in the summary lead. A reader must go through almost the entire story to get the entire scope of pertinent information since a lot of background is sprinkled in between facts.

This might be frustrating for some readers who might, for example, want to know when the event is being held, but don’t learn until four paragraphs in that it will be at 10 a.m., but you can’t attend if you hadn’t preregistered. Information like that in a story like this should be closer to the top.

This is really a Boston piece, and I doubt it would hold a lot of interest for anyone outside of the city. The prominent figure involved, Mayor Walsh, does not provide importance to the story if you don’t know who he is or aren’t influenced by his actions.

The subject matter of the discussion, race, is highly controversial right now and potentially could peek reader’s interest.

The article is organized in nice, short paragraphs that quickly relay their point and keep the story moving. They make it very digestible and easy to read. The entire story is fairly short, which is appropriate as it’s only describing one upcoming event and its context.

There are only three quotes in the story, two from Mayor Walsh, and two from two different officials that are also involved in the event. The quotes are interesting and pretty strong, especially the closing quote. It leaves the reader something to consider.

Overall, I think this article is interesting, but the critical information could have been organized better and brought up in the story. It was an interesting look into how an experienced article would approach such a basic kind of story.


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