“In controversial move, Trump speaks with Taiwan’s president” Article Review

This article was posted to the Boston Globe website on December 2nd, 2016. It was written by both Mark Landler and David E. Sanger.

Here’s a link!

Something that I’ve noticed about all these articles and stories about Trump is the type of picture they almost always use. Rarely is Trump ever shown in a flattering way in the images used by many news sources. For example this article, the picture they use makes him look silly. I’m not sure if this is a common practice for images of politicians, but to me it seems used with great frequency with Trump. I think that it introduces an element of bias into the story that isn’t necessarily there with the story’s writing. Regardless of what someone has done, the news should be reported in an unbiased fashion, and therefore images with less subtext should be used for stories like this.

About the content of the story, it’s a fairly standard report of a specific event: what happened, what’s the context, what are people saying about it, and what could this mean moving forward.

Since the story is about President elect Trump, it has a lot of news-weight, almost anything he says or does seems to be controversial and important, which explains why this was on the front page of the Globe’s website. The readership of the Boston Globe most definitely cares about what Trump is doing.

The subject matter of the story also has the potential to impact reader’s lives. It’s not just that the person who the story about is important, this event has significant potential to influence American lives.

The story is very timely. The phone conversation between Trump and the president of Taiwan occurred Friday and the story was posted Saturday.

The lead makes use of Trump’s celebrity by including his name right at the beginning. It was also wise to mention in the lead why a phone call between the president elect and the president of Taiwan is unusual. Readers, like myself, might not be aware that the U.S. hasn’t had much political contact with Taiwan for decades.

The story does a great job of getting quotes from varies sources to give a really good picture of every side of the story. It also includes Trump’s tweets about the phone call, which is something we might see more of in news since Trump is sch a prolific Twitter user.

The nut graph comes a few paragraphs into the story, where the idea that international diplomacy in the Trump administration is being handled in a very spontaneous way. I think it’s an interesting angle on the story.

The story is pretty long, but the pace is good, it kept me interested throughout. The length of the individual paragraphs are good, too. Overall, this was just an interesting event, and I think that the reporters did  good job writing and reporting on it.


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